Week 4 Weight Loss Update: I lost 12 lbs!

Week 4 Weight Loss Update: I lost 12 lbs!

Healthy weight loss is an important aspect of managing Diabetes. Doctor Richard Bernstein, in his popular book, Diabetes Solution, talked at length about the effect of weight loss on blood sugar levels. As I have mentioned before, I was obese, and have to lose about 35 lbs to get to my ideal weight.

4 Week Update on Weight Loss

This week, about 4 weeks into my journey to manage Type 2 Diabetes, I have lost 12 lbs, or about 7% of my weight. I am still overweight, but the difference is noticeable for others as well as me. I have done this by following a low carb diet, walking, and running. I still have about 25 lbs to go before reaching my final goal.

Effect on Glucose Level

It is hard for me to pin the exact effect of weight loss to glucose level for myself, since I have been eating low carb food as opposed to my previous unhealthy diet. My morning levels have decreased to 105 mg/dl (compared to 155 mg/dl in early July). It is too early for me to measure my a1c levels since I have done them only 4 weeks ago. I will have an update on that towards in about 2 months. My post meal glucose levels have consistently been under 140 mg/dl (1 hour postprandial) and 130 mg/dl (2 hours postprandial). However this number is not comparable to my past numbers since my diet used to be loaded with carbs in the past.

Other Effects of Weight Loss

Anecdotally, I have noticed other effects, such as having more energy, sleeping better, and a reduced resting heart rate. About 4 weeks ago, my resting heart rate was at 85 bpm. Today, my resting heart rate measures at 68 bpm. I have also received compliments from my friends and co-workers on how I look after the weight loss.

My endurance has improved, as I can now run 5 minutes at a stretch in week 4 of my C25K program.

Next Goal Milestone

My final goal is to weigh under 150 lbs. I weigh about 174 lbs today. I have divided my goal into smaller milestones, where I intend to lose about 5% each time until I reach my final target. With that in mind, my next milestone is to reach 165 lbs weight.

How much have I been losing each week?

My initial weight loss when I started the low carb diet & exercise regimen was rapid – I lost about 10 lbs in 2.5 weeks. I am told that is expected as your initial weight loss include a combination of water weight and fat loss. The past 2 weeks, I have been losing about 2 lbs per week. I expect I will plateau at some point, and the rate of weight loss will decrease.

So how will I reach my goal weight then?

My goal is to continue the low carb diet until I reach my goal weight, then add small amounts of carb until I can maintain my weight. When I hit a plateau, I will likely start anaerobic exercise such as strength/resistance training and weights. If necessary, I will adjust my protein intake to facilitate further weight loss, as suggested by the Diabetes 101 site (also available in book format). I have still not gone ketogenic, and it may also be something I may explore if I reach a plateau with weight loss.

Until Next time…

That’s it for now. Soon, I will be posting a series of low carb vegetarian recipes that I use for my meals. Stay tuned, and happy low carbing!

Welcome to VegDiabetic

Welcome to VegDiabetic

Welcome to VegDiabetic. My name is Mihir, and I live in the lovely state of California. I am a Vegetarian, so foods such as meat, fish, and egg are off-bounds for me.

I have a family history of Diabetes, and was pre-diabetic for a long time. I am a foodie, love eating Pizzas, Potatoes, and Carbs. Despite being at risk, I ignored this disease for a long time.

For many years, I have had rather sedentary lifestyle. I work a job where I sit at my desk for the better part of my day. I gained over 50 lbs over the last decade. I went from being under-weight to obese — all while eating more and not exercising.

In 2016, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with Impaired Insulin Resistance, more commonly referred to as “Type 2 Diabetes”. I maintained an A1C below 7.0 for about a year. In July 2017, I was shocked to find my fasting glucose measure at 155 mg/dl and A1C at 8.7! My physician advised me to go on a low carb diet, and avoid bread, potatoes, rice, and noodles.

After searching online for days, I was surprised to find a lack of Vegetarian recipes that were low in carbs. Most Vegetarian recipes use eggs, which I not allowed to consume. Many forum posts noted that a diet low in carb is difficult for strict vegetarians as lean meats and eggs form the basis of most online recipes.

I bought a  Fitbit Charge2 band, and started walking 10,000 steps a day. My water consumption increased from 2-3 glasses per day to over 12 glasses. I purchased a new pair of running shoes, and started running on the treadmill. Since I was inactive for so long, I used the C25K app (Android / iOS), which literally stands for “Couch to 5k”, to ramp up my running and build to stamina to run 5k miles at a stretch. I started losing some pounds, albeit slowly and steadily.

After weeks of eating, experiment, and testing my glucose after eating, I created a journal of my food intake and post-meal glucose levels. I found few novel recipes that helped control my blood glucose levels. I also found several recipes online that were advertised as “low carb”, but in fact ended up shooting my blood glucose levels too high! I felt that my experiments and learnings may help others like me who want to go on a low carb vegetarian diet.

So there, the birth of my first blog – VegDiabetic!